Content_1_smallContent Management System

A straight forward CMS directed at the real needs of businesses wanting be in control of their web presence. Tasty web 2.0 things like ajax improve the experience and drive customer participation – delivering business what you need and at the same time being upgradeable and extensible. 

Shopping_1_smallWeb Store

A modern web store. Discarding those crusty old web stores, this one is crafted for the business that wants a store their customers can shop in.  It delivers all the goodies one would expect from the store, and then some – in a way that that just works. 

Clean, fresh, simple.

Community_1_smallCommunity Application

Web 2.0 brings content, conversations, collaboration and community.  All this needs a framework to operate and Esskware provides Community Engine implementation services that wrap up the major functions to allow the aggregation of people to share their experiences, views and activities.

The future of the internet

CrmCustomer Relationship Mangement

Keep track of your customers, understand their hierarchies, who is who, when and what you last spoke about.  Communicate with them, and do all this integrated with your web presence. 

This is what a Small Medium enterprise needs from a CRM, without the Large enterprise price tag.

Gears_1_smallSoftware Development

Crafting of the next generation of advanced web2.0 information systems using modern technologies designed and built with end usability from the outset.